Value Investing: Turning Losses Into Profits
By Koh Ming Shao

The way you invest can determine your earnings or losses. Putting your money in any form of investments or in the stock market can be risky if you invest without knowledge.

Do you want to commit the same mistakes as 90% of the investors out there, or do you want to be smarter and wiser? After the pain of losing S$30,000, I began to learn the right way to invest. You do not have to lose S$30,000 to learn to make more money in stocks.

If you want to know how you can juggle your career, marriage & children and still generate massive passive income and build a million-dollar net worth, then pick up and read this book now.

If you are truly serious about learning how to invest smartly and wisely, this book is a good start. In this book, you will discover:

  • How to digest financial statements
  • Risk associated in stock investing
  • Key moneymaking financial ratios
  • How to spot good companies to invest in
  • When to sell your stock
  • 10 deadly mistakes even smart investors will make and how you can recover from it
  • 10 winning habits of successful investors
  • Why a Mastermind group is powerful

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