Value Investing in Shariah-Compliant Companies
By Fei Shan C.

As a Muslim, have you always been wanting to invest in stocks but are unable to do so as you are unsure about the types of stocks that comply with the Shariah principles and at the same time, allow you to make you good returns?

As a non-Muslim, have you always been wanting to find out more about what Shariah-compliant stocks are and how to invest in them?

In this book, you’ll find out how to invest in Shariah-compliant stocks whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim. Through simple explanation and examples, you will learn more about:

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The spiritual aspect of Islamic principles on wealth pursuit activities
  • What is Value Investing and why Value Investing is aligned with the Shariah principles of investment
  • What are Shariah-compliant stocks and how to invest in Shariah-compliant Stocks
  • How to find Shariah-compliant stocks that will earn you consistent investment returns year after year
  • When to buy, hold and sell your Shariah-compliant stocks to maximise your investment returns
  • Ways on how to proceed with your investing journey towards financial freedom
  • How to work out your personal action plan to start investing in Shariah-compliant stocks

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